PB Foundation and Amazon, 10/28/16

pb-imagesThe Primitive Baptist Foundation and the Primitive Baptist Scholarship Foundation are now beneficiaries of the AmazonSmile Foundation.  Never heard of AmazonSmile?  Amazon, the online shopping giant, established this charitable foundation and donates a portion of its proceeds to the foundation for distribution to eligible charitable organizations.  Both of our Foundations are now approved to receive funds from AmazonSmile.  AmazonSmile will send 0.5% of the money they receive from our purchases to the charity we designate.

Simply put, these are unrestricted ‘donations’ from the AmazonSmile Foundation to our Foundations.  This is an excellent and easy way for those of us who order products from Amazon to help support our own programs and activities.

AmazonSmile offers customers the same selection of products, prices, and convenient shopping features as Amazon.com.  The shopping experience is identical and there is no extra cost to the consumer.

The true beneficiaries, of course, will be those involved in our programs for Widows of Ministers, Church Loans, The Library and Archives, Church Growth and Communication activities, the Ministers Retirement Plan, the Scholarship Fund and others.

To take advantage of this opportunity, here’s how to sign up:

>  In your web browser, do a search for or go to smile.amazon.com.

>  If you are already an Amazon customer, simply sign in as you usually do with your Amazon.com account (same email address and password).

>  You can then click on ‘Select a charity’.  The website lists five of AmazonSmile’s ‘spotlight charities’.  Drop down below that to the block that says ‘Or pick your own charitable organization’, type in ‘Primitive Baptist’ and click ‘Search’.  The list that appears will contain numerous Primitive Baptist organizations.  Look for ‘Primitive Baptist Foundation Inc. (Roswell, GA)’ and ‘Primitive Baptist Scholarship Foundation Inc. (Statesboro, GA)’.  Select one, then follow instructions to complete the signup.

>  When you finish these steps, your name and the organization that you selected will appear at the top of the webpage.  You’re ready to shop!  Bookmark it for quick and easy access in the future.

If you do not have an Amazon account, you can create one from this opening page and follow the instructions to do the same as above.

When you return to this site in the future, your name and the charitable organization you selected will automatically appear.    REMEMBER:  Use smile.amazon.com rather than amazon.com!

Michelle Harris shares the following comments about her experience:  I use smile.amazon.com whenever I shop Amazon, and that is often.  After registering, whenever I enter the site, my name and charity are displayed at the top of the page.  The shopping experience is identical to what I was doing previously with Amazon.  And I especially like the option of direct shipping of gifts to family out of state!  

We all have many choices for charitable organizations to support.  We hope you will seriously consider designating the PB Foundation or the PB Scholarship Foundation to benefit from shopping that most of us will do anyway.

A note about the ‘amount’ our Foundations could receive.  The 0.5% rate is one-half of one percent (not 5%).  That translates to 50 cents for each $100 of purchases.  While it is not a large percentage, it is in the range of interest that many checking and savings accounts are currently paying.  Any amount will be helpful, of course.  However, we should not assume this will replace any of our regular church and individual contributions to our Foundations, nor should we allow it to.

Special thanks to Darryl and Michelle Harris for sharing this important information and for making arrangements for the PB Foundation to participate.

God bless, and thanks for your consideration.


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