10/9/16 Sunday Services Cancelled

Please be advised that we will not be holding Sunday School or Worship Service this Sunday 10/09/16 at The Grace Place Church.  We currently have no electricity at the church and do not expect to have power restored until later next week.

acts27In light of the recent experience of Hurricane Matthew, I wanted to share an interesting lesson I came across titled ‘ Weathering Life’s Storms’ (Acts 27:1-44).


I’m sure that many of us will have some very trying and stressful situations in the upcoming days as we begin to put our lives back to normal. Remember that God is ‘working all things together for good for them that love God, for them that are called according to His purpose’…….even storms!

  • God is sovereign over the storms of life.
  • Our responsibility in the storms of life is to trust openly in God’s care for us.
  • God will use our trusting Him in the storm to bear witness to many.

Through it all, we are all grateful for the many blessings our Lord and Savior bestows upon us each and every day.

Stay safe and may God continue to bless each one of you and your loved ones!

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