‘Manna Coming Down’ Website

‘Manna Coming Down’ Website

Check It Out!

Elder McKinley Wright has been laboring quietly for more than three years to create a great website just for folks like you and me, and for others inside and outside our denomination who love to hear the truth proclaimed from God’s word!  He wants all of our Brothers, Sisters, Family, Friends and others to know about it, so help us pass the word to others.

manna from heaven - exodusAs of today, the “Manna Coming Down” website posts 1428 sermons!  Nine of our Progressive Primitive Baptist ministers have contributed recorded sermons for the website.  Some already have over 200 messages available.  A new sermon is added each day.

To enjoy the blessings of using this site, click on the following link, and be sure to bookmark it for future use: www.mannacomingdown.org

At the home page, click on ‘Listen Online’ where you can select a speaker or a date of your choice.

Brother Wright has prepared a detailed index of sermons on the site.  The list, in chronological order by the date posted, includes the speakers identity, his subject and scriptures.  The current index covers the period from October 2011 to November 3, 2015.  It will be updated periodically.

Attached is a PDF document titled ‘Manna Coming Down Sermon Index to 2015-11-03’.  It describes the index and how to use it.  If you would like to have a copy of the index, Brother Wright will send it to you by email.  (Printed copies, which are 36 pages long, are not available at this time.)  Contact him at:

Elder McKinley Wright
1987 Van Sickle Road, Jacksonville, FL  32218


Please join me, and many others, in expressing appreciation to Brother Wright for his dedication to serving the Lord and His people this way.  I’m sure he would enjoy hearing about your experiences and use of the website.  I can personally attest to its value for people like me who can’t attend one of our churches regularly.

Hope you have a blessed weekend.  And please help us get the word around to others.  God bless,



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