We Need Jesus!

Our theme for this past Sunday’s Youth Bible Study and Children’s Church was “We Need Jesus!”


Shane, Micaela, Peyton, Zechariah (Mr. Joe)

As part of our lesson, a special biblical guest (Zechariah) paid a visit during Children’s Church to tell the story of how God sent Jesus to meet our needs. We were also treated to a short video titled “The Amazing Needomatizer” that showed a girl who built a machine that creates whatever she needs….and the problems that ensued! We enjoyed learning the difference between wants and needs and discussed how God is not a wish machine – but the Bible does promise that God will take care of our needs. We closed out our lesson by adding paper ornaments to our Christmas tree with ‘needs’ written on the back of the each ornament.

Whether we admit it or not, we all need God. We need the help and the salvation that only Jesus offers. It’s tempting to think people or things can meet our needs, but time proves them to be both temporary and empty. Only God can truly meet our deepest needs, and he’s waiting to do just that!

Thank you God for loving us and meeting every need we have!



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