Reminder!!…New Bible Study Begins Tonight at 7pm!


biblestudyJoin us for this new Bible Study and experience the joy-filled walk with God by learning to hear His voice! Beginning on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 7:00 pm, we start a new Bible Study titled ‘Relying On The Holy Spirit’ by Charles F. Stanley.  Location:Fellowship Hall

What Is The “Spirit-filled life?” And how can a Christian experience it?

The truth is that the Spirit-filled life is not something you do, rather, it is something you become.When you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, you automatically receive the Holy Spirit – His presence with you – and one of the responsibilities is to teach you how to live an abundant life through Jesus Christ.

In this study, Dr. Charles F. Stanley explains that when you learn to rely on the Holy Spirit, you become more like Christ, your confidence level goes up, and God pours out His blessings on your life. Additionally, you will examine the Holy Spirit’s attributes and the spiritual gifts He gives you, and you will also discover how to enrich your relationship with the Savior.

Would you like to discover more about the character of your heavenly Father and become more like Him? Do you want to experience His constant presence in your life? Then rely on the Holy Spirit. He will teach, guide you, and empower you to embrace God’s will for your life. Learn about Him and find out how to live life at its very best.

Chapters in this Study.

Introduction: Why We Need the Holy Spirit
Lesson 1: The Spirit-Filled Life is for Every Believer
Lesson 2: Who Exactly Is the Holy Spirit?
Lesson 3: Relying on the Holy Spirit’s Power in Us
Lesson 4: Relying on the Holy Spirit’s Presence
Lesson 5: Relying on the Holy Spirit in Prayer
Lesson 6: Avoiding Sin Against the Holy Spirit
Lesson 7: Reproducing Christ’s Character in Us
Lesson 8: Relying on the Spirit for Spiritual Gifts
Lesson 9: Making Our Ministries Effective
Lesson 10: Relying on the Spirit for Daily Guidance

Please join us for this new Bible Study and experience the joy-filled walk with God by learning to hear His voice!

bible Study_holyspirit-chasStanley_BACKCoverDr. Charles Stanley is both a pastor and a best-selling author. His In Touch series of Bible studies have been immensely popular for personal Bible study and devotionals. They are now updated and revised at the Life Principles study series, specifically for use in both group Bible Study settings and personal devotion. Each Life Principles study guide relies entirely upon the teachings of Scripture to address a specific topic, and each is relevant in today’s world.

The Grace Place Church
608 Second Street
Brunswick, GA 31520
Pastor Ron Scarboro

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