Prayers Requested, 10/17/14


prayerCOLLAGEDuring your daily prayers, we ask that you please be in special prayer for all those on our prayer list.

If you have a prayer request, you may share with us by way of our website or by contacting Pastor Ron at 912.399.6586 or  We will include your request in our daily prayers and during our services. You are important to us!

Jeanette Anderson Roger Davis David McDowell Tyler Warren
Justine Akin Joey Dixon Michelle & Stephen Beverly Watts
Family of Andrew Aurand Albert Flanagan George & Susan Mower Bennett Waters
Sonny Barber Lisa Fowler Stephen Parker III Roland & Iamma Waters
Martha Burnsed Sara Fryer Bill Music Bill Wuertz
Jenny Campbell Lena Goss Teresa Rigdon Jimmy Wilcox
Bill Calabretta Jenny Harrison Mildred Simms Greg Woodcock
David Capps Felecia Johnson Eulene Smith Cindy Young
Susan Carter Marilyn & Sonny Kicklighter Robert Smith Our Churches
Ed Cassidy Bill & Julia Keltner Jacob Spencer Our Country
Ansley Conner Kristie Klatt Shaughn Thomas Our Leaders
Lottie Crews Larry Lane Micaela Vazquez Our Service People
Alice Cunningham Lynn Latchford Darryl Walker Our World
***** ***** Don Ward Our Youth Program

Updated 10/17/14 (Those listed in bold are recent additions to our prayer list or have urgent needs.)

Thank you and may God bless you.

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