Time to Pray

PRAYER-TIME TO PRAYDuring your daily prayers, we ask that you please be in special prayer for all those on our  prayer list.

If you have a prayer request, you may share with us by way of our website or by contacting Pastor Ron at 912.399.6586 or ronscarboro4750@gmail.com.  We will include your request in our daily prayers and during our services. You are important to us!

Bobbie Allen Larry Hunter Tim Roberts Bennett Waters
Martha Burnsed Marilyn & Sonny Kicklighter Ron & Deborah Scarboro Ethelyn Wilcox
Jason & Charlene Cassidy Kristie Klatt Kylie Seitz Jimmy Wilcox
Roger Davis Pat Kroscavage Derrell Shedd Malcolm Wilcox
Carol Elliot Larry Lane Robert Smith Greg Woodcock
Pat Eyler Lynn Latchford Alaina Stalvey & Parents Our Churches
Evan Fowler Patti Moyers Frank Strickland Our Country
Lisa Hall Bill Music Darryl Walker Our Leaders
Angelia Holland Richard Pate Tyler Warren Our Service People
Linda Hope Dale Pearce Beverly Watts Our Youth Program

( Those listed in bold are recent additions to our prayer list or have urgent needs.)

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