What is So Special About Jesus?

Discover Jesus -bookNo matter what you think about Jesus, there’s no denying he is the most influential person in all of human history.  And what’s truly amazing is that his path to influence was so unlikely.

Jesus never became a political, military or government leader; he never wanted to.  He never owned a multinational corporation or acquired any wealth to speak of; he didn’t need it.  He never wrote a book, never staged a concert tour, never appeared on television and never had a radio talk show or even his own blog…. What’s so special about Jesus?

The Essential Jesus will help you discover who Jesus is and why he is so significant—even life-transforming.  Through both Old and New Testament readings, you will discover why God sent Jesus, what Jesus taught, how he treated people, why he did miracles, the meaning of his death, the significance of his resurrection, what the Bible says about his second coming and much more.

Join us for this exciting Bible Study.  You can discover for yourself what makes Jesus so special!


Wednesday, October 30 at 7:00 pm  – Introductory Meeting.  Dinner provided.

Sunday, November 3 @ 9:30 am—The Essential Jesus Kickoff.  Breakfast provided.

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