Prayer List, October 2, 2013

prayer_bibleThe church family at The Grace Place Church requests your prayers for those that are on our prayer list.  Please include them in your daily prayers.

Thank you and may God bless you and yours.

Bobbie Allen Gary Fulkerson & Family Bill Music Mike Wells
Charlene Brennan Bo Greene Haley Myers Bill Wertz
Martha Burnsed Haley Harraway Harry Myers, Jr Susan Willis
David Capps Kris Jackson Henry Rooks Andy Young
Jason & Charlene Cassidy Julia Keltner Ron & Deborah Scarboro Cissy _____
Ansley Conner Marilyn & Sonny Kicklighter Family of Paul D. Smith Martha ____
Sara Dispain Wanda Kicklighter Baby Jake Spaulding Our Churches
Family of Mel Dixon Larry Lane
Alina Stalvey & Parents Our Country
Henry Edwards Patsy Manning
Nancy Tait Our Leaders
Pat Eyler Jeff Martin
Darryl Walker Our Service People
Fendig Family David McDowell
Bennett Waters Our Youth Program
Mary Findlay Jerry Miller Elder Lindy Webb, Jr Unconverted
Evan Fowler
 Kathy & Tor Mjelde
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